MKM Offshore Race Training

MKM Offshore Race Training is working with The Race Training Centre with joint aims to encourage and promote Yacht Racing in Cyprus giving guidance and training where people feel it is needed. It is not to teach you to sail from scratch as or RYA Courses are better suited to that but well know there are a lot of sailors that want to race and so we want to take those sailors and build on their skills by teaching them to get the very best out of their boat whatever she may be – the handicap systems in the world means that we don’t ever suggest that your 30 year old boat might take line honours but we know with our help you should be able to have a chance of being on the podium in class as we have proved it time and time again.

Start Racing

The start line where you will learn the basics to enable enjoyable club racing. All you need to know to to enable you to get around a course. You will be taught how to trim the sails for shape and speed as well as how to helm to the wind or course… Contact us for more information

Intermediate Racing

This is where we begin to develop and improve your basic racing techniques and knowledge so you could join any boat in the fleet or even brave taking your own for club racing to give you the confidence to mix it up with the big boys… Contact Us for more information

Advanced Racing

Within the Advanced training we explore the subtle techniques to make the boat go faster but also push your knowledge of the racing rules developing your racing skills even further with the knowledge needed for open meetings and larger regattas… Contact Us for more information.

Crew Building

Taking your whole crew out and exploring their individual strengths before showing and teaching what is needs to be done to utilise them and how they need to work together using the best people of each job… Contact Us for more information